Norfolk Square

Head of Marketing

Norfolk Square

The brand champion.

A brand is perhaps most commonly defined as “loyalty beyond all reason”. With a belief that sharing is always better than selling, at The Pilgrm we’re building a community, and understand that these are best built through a mindset of openness and acceptance. Our passion for heritage, the sharing of stories and challenging convention meaningfully, The Pilgrm’s philosophy is to help fulfill natural potential.

If you keep an eye on the cultural agenda, love to make things and have a passion for hospitality, you are what we might call a Pilgrm. The simple ethos of this team is that the journey is always far more nourishing than a destination.

The Pilgrm team are searching for a Head of Marketing. An individual who can share their creative expression with commercial goals, but is also grounded in strategy and possesses the clarity to be able to see the bigger picture.

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